Commonwealth Imports

Thank you for visiting our site. Due to the coronavirus adversely affecting many of our customers, we decided to retire and closed the business effective Dec. 31, 2021. We are greatful to the many, many customers we have served over the years. We had a lot of fun serving customers in nearly every state and making jewelry with manufacturing operations in the US, India, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

We are grateful to everyone who worked with us.

For a time, we will still be available to answer questions or repair products. Call us at 410-992-0114 and leave a message. We are getting so many spam or telemarketing calls on our landline that we've stopped answering the phone. We do check for messages. Alternatively, you can email John at

If there are products of ours that you would like to see if they are still available, feel free to also drop us a line. Most of our inventory has been consigned to Erinn (owner) may also be able to assist you.